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In 2015, Chestnut Grove Academy is connecting with the past to create it’s first ever official alumni!  This is open for students and teachers from the original Hydeburn School, Chestnut Grove School and to those leaving Chestnut Grove Academy this academic year!

The aim of the Alumni is:

  • To keep in touch with ex-students and learn about their experiences after their time with us.
  • To connect with people who may have skills or experiences that could inspire the current generation at Chestnut Grove
  • To share news of Chestnut Grove and let you know about events you may be interested in
  • We will also in time be hoping that (with your help) we can provide some archive materials for you to look through and reconnect you with your old classmates and teachers.
  • Finally, we hope that your interest in Chestnut Grove may inspire you to help with our Chestnut21 campaign to upgrade the facilities to provide world class opportunities and facilities for our students.

We want you to inspire the next generation of students; in turn providing you with exceptional CV building opportunities. Whatever you think you could offer, we want to hear it. Together we can inspire a future generation.

We have teamed up with Future First to help us create our alumni database.  If you would like to sign up, and are a former member of the school since 1977 (including Hydeburn School), please enter your details on the following link:

If you would be happy to share ‘your’ story since leaving Chestnut Grove/Hydeburn, then we would also love to hear it, and this could be shared through the website to your old school friends.  Please send an email, and if possible a photograph, to Sharon Noble at

Alumni Future First Privacy Policy | PDF

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