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From September 2016 onwards, the process of applying for a secondary school place is different to in previous years.  You will now need to complete the Wandsworth Test and any specialist tests before you complete the Common Application Form.  The purpose of this is to provide you with more information prior to application about the following:

  1. Which ability band your child falls into
  2. How well your child has performed in any relevant subject specialist tests

The Wandsworth Test:

All applicants for a Wandsworth secondary school have to complete the Wandsworth Test; this allocates students into one of five ability bands, to which we will allocate places equally. 

If your child attends a Wandsworth primary school, the school will arrange for the Wandsworth Test to be completed early in the Autumn Term. In most circumstances, this will be on 21st September.

If your child attends a primary school outside Wandsworth, an independent primary school, or is home schooled, they need to complete the Wandsworth Test at an allocated Test Centre on Saturday 23rd September.  Chestnut Grove Academy is a Test Centre.  In order to be entered for a test at a test centre, it is essential that you register for the Wandsworth Test via the Wandsworth Admissions website no later than September 8th.  This can be accessed via this link:

Specialists Subjects (Arts and Languages) Testing:

If you want your child to be considered for an arts or languages specialist place, the relevant Chestnut Grove specialist test needs to be completed before the application for a place.  You will then know how well your child has done on the Specialist Test before you apply on 31st October.

Applicants achieving over 40% on the Specialist Tests are ranked in order, with the first 30 in each subject being the first eligible students for the specialist places.  The remaining applicants are placed on a list in rank order and will become eligible for a specialist place should one become available, these students will also be eligible for consideration for a general place.

Applicants must complete a supplementary information form (SIF) if they wish to be entered for the selection testing for a specialist place. The SIF form can be downloaded here .  Completed forms may be posted, scanned and emailed to or returned in person.   The deadline for applications for the Specialist Tests is midday on Friday 8th September.

The Art and MFL specialist test day will take place on the morning of Saturday 16th September. We will write to all Art and Language applicants inviting them to sit the test.

The final deadline for returning Common Application Forms to your local authority, which will place your choices of schools in rank order, is Monday 31st October.

On March 1st 2017 your local authority will notify you of the school that your child has been allocated.  If your child is not allocated a place at Chestnut Grove Academy, he or she will be placed on our waiting list.

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