Chestnut Grove Academy
45 Chestnut Grove
Balham, London SW12 8JZ

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The grounds plans under the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP) are very prescriptive and include replacing like with like, and a central seeded grass area.  We have already improved on these plans by extending and improving the sports facilities being built outside the new sports hall through a £117,000 grant from the London Marathon Charitable Trust to increase the size and improve the surface.

We are now working to improve on some of the other parts of the grounds including:

  1. Following monitoring the use of the new canteen since September and also listening to the student council, we are raising funds for an outdoor ‘Caterpod’ to provide an alternative to the canteen for lunch.  We have already got a grant for £5,000 towards this from the Garfield Weston Foundation.
  2. The Friends of Chestnut Grove have been working tirelessly to fundraise for a canopy to provide shelter from the weather (rain, wind or sun) for students to relax and dine outside, and with a green roof this will also provide better biodiversity to the site.  They have already raised £20,000 towards this.
  3. Under the formal PSBP plans we will have a central grass area that will be seeded grass and will need to establish.  We are concerned that this will not withstand the footfall of over 1000 students, and will soon deteriorate.  We are therefore proposing that a heavy duty turf is put down in its place that is commonly used for car parks and polo pitches.
  4. We are looking to improve on the biodiversity and educational value of the site by planting more trees of various species and also by having a working ‘garden’ that will grow food for the food technology room.  We have several funding applications being considered for this and potentially a local group that will build it for free.
  5. Finally, we have already raised £5,000 towards more seating that will go around the grounds and under the canopy that we have explained in point 2.

I am sure you will agree, these are essential improvements to the grounds, and equally, that a lot of hard work has already gone into the efforts to raise funds for them.  Several funding applications have been unsuccessful alongside the successful ones, but we will continue to submit those that are appropriate to help secure the funds.
 The total left to find is around £50,000.

You can help in many different ways:

Making a Donation:  This can be done directly into the bank account (account details are downloadable here) or to the Friends of Chestnut Grove via their MyDonate page (on which we can also gain an additional 25% GiftAid at no costs to yourself).

Make you Mark: You can purchase a large brick for £75 or a small brick for £40 that can be engraved with the message of your choice and leave a permanent legacy of your support on the new sports hall.  You can pay via parent pay and then to download and email this Making your Mark Form back to Sharon Noble on
Tell us of any ideas or opportunities that you think may help us: by filling in this ‘Putting the Feelers Out’ form.

Making your mark on Chestnut Grove Academy

Parents, staff, supporters and anyone else who wants to support the school can now have a permanent mark made on the school.  The Making Your Mark Campaign allows you to pay for a brick or a plaque on a seat to show your support and memories of the school, and in turn raise vital funds for Chestnut Grove Academy.

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