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Balham, London SW12 8JZ

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Pastoral support is a strength of CGA Sixth Form. The Sixth Form is big enough to be vibrant yet small enough to be intimate. Each student is known personally by their Tutor, and the Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form. Tutors act as academic mentors and offer structured advice on how to maximise achievement.

To monitor the transition from Year 11 into the Sixth Form, all students are placed on a six week 'Probationary Passport' at the start of term to nudge students towards developing the routines of study required to succeed.  The emphasis is on student participation and on developing independence and resilience. Upon successful completion of the Passport, year 12 students attend a 'team-building' day at High Ashurst Outdoor Learning Centre in Surrey.

Robust systems of monitoring and reporting of students progress against aspirational Academy targets ansures the student, Academy and home are kept aware of progress over time in a triangulated way. Half-termly ‘Progress Reports’ flag student performance over a six week period, alerting all to any underachievement early and permitting interventions to be swiftly put in place where needed.  Such a system also allows us to reward students making a sustained effort.

Additionally, all students in the Sixth Form follow a compulsory ‘Health and Personal Development Programme’ designed to encourage students to explore learning beyond the syllabus of their courses and to gain an awareness of the world around them.  The course aims to develop an essential skills set within each student and to promote intellectual curiosity.  Furthermore, this course is strengthened by a compulsory two-week work experience placement for all year 12 students in the summer term.

The Academy also has access to many external agencies, which provide an essential support network for our young adults.

Sixth Form Staff and Tutors

Sixth Form Management Team Year 13 Tutors Year 12 Tutors Sixth Form Administrative Staff Sixth Form LSA
(working with Pupil Premium students)
Mr Taylor
Head of Sixth Form / Assistant Headteacher
Mr Gordon
Mr Gulley
SEN Link in the Sixth Form
Ms Sturrock
Sixth Form Administrator
Ms Condon

Ms Lee
Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mr Karingal Mr Greer Ms Johnson-Garcia
Sixth Form Study Supervisor
  Ms How Mr Solate    
  Ms Adams Ms Douglas / Ms  (Wednesdays)    
    Mr Greer    


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