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Peri Lessons

Chestnut Grove is PROUD to offer 1:1 instrumental music lessons. These are offered by Peripatetic (visiting) music staff and are referred to as 'Peri lessons'. Peri lessons have now re-commenced. They take place every week on a specified day with rotating lesson times in order for your child to avoid missing the same academic lessons each week. 

We have spaces available for an immediate start, your child can come and collect a letter from the Performing Arts office if you are interested. We offer the full spectrum of instrumental tuition - Brass, Vocal, Woodwind, Drums, Piano, Guitar and Strings are all available. Lessons incur a charge of £137 per term and include free instrument hire. Timetables for lessons are displayed directly next to the Performing Arts office with lessons rotating each week. This is a great opportunity to get your child involved within the Performing Arts department as well as increasing their chances of showcasing their talents at any of our live events.




- Brass Group w/ Ms Kempley all years welcome (Peri room)
- 'ConneXions' Year 7 Drama club w/ Ms Merritt (Theatre)
- GCSE Choir w/ Ms Samant (Peri room)
- Year 7 Dance club w/ Ms Atkinson (Dance studio)
- Keyboard club w/ Ms Striesow all years welcome (S.2.13)



AM (Tutor time)

- Samba band w/ Mr Hartley all years welcome (Live room)


- String group w/ Ms Rose all years welcome (Peri room)

After school

- 'Devise' Year 8/9 drama club w/ Ms Merritt (Theatre)




- Pop choir w/ Ms Anderson all years welcome (S.2.13)

- Boys choir w/ Ms Durban all years welcome (S.2.23)

Period 5

- 6th form choir w/ Ms Anderson (S.2.13) 

After school

- Jazz Band w/ Ms Hirst all years welcome (S.2.23)

- Year 11 GCSE Drama intervention w/ Ms Verber (Theatre)



AM (Tutor time)

- Year 10 intervention w/ Ms Durban by invitation only (S.2.23) 


- Year 8/9 dance club w/ Ms Atkinson (Dance studio)

After school

- 6th form band w/ Ms Durban (S.2.23)
- 'Unheard' KS4 drama club w/ Ms Merritt (Theatre)
- KS4 Dance club w/ Ms Atkinson (Dance studio)




- Band practice w/ Mr Simpson all years welcome (Live room) 

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